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Well-Taylored Co. Workshops

Would you like to host a
Well-Taylored Co. workshop?

Our candle making workshops are perfect for an after-hours event at your shop, or for a fun Girl's Night In with your friends! We have a couple of package options for you to choose from that are perfect for large or small groups:

A few things to consider:

- Classes are for ages 15+. To ensure a safe experience, we don't allow children to participate in our workshops.

- The location that you're hosting our workshop in should have appropriate tables and chairs as well as access to electricity.

- To make your workshop extra fun, most hosts include snacks and beverages in their ticket prices. Example: one full-size candle + a glass of wine + small charcuterie box = $48 ticket for attendees. This varies host to host and is only a suggestion, not a requirement for a fun evening!

- Workshops are about 1.5 hours long: this includes instruction, history lessons, scent selection, blending and pouring, and overall merriment.

- At any point photos and/or videos will be taken of you and shared on our social media, website, or additional promotion collateral. You can find more information in our Release of Liability and Media Form.

Contact us below to schedule your candle making workshop!