February Faves

I hope you all had an absolutely wondrous February and an even better March so far. Last month flew by and was filled with a lot of werk werk werk - like, on Rhianna's level - for our WTC's rebrand and relaunch. A lot of which is still going on, but thankfully I am finally saying ENOUGH and we are relaunching tomorrow, the 13th!
I will go ahead and forewarn you, some of these items are niche and pricey. I made some biz investments in Q1 and that's exactly what they are - investments. So keep that in mind and never ever feel like you NEED something another business has in order to succeed on your own terms.

I finally got myself a DSLR and I feel like my life is leveling up (it's the little things). I started learning how to use it manually since day 1 and while I'm still figuring things out, I think I'm picking it up pretty well so far. I asked several photographer friends and they said this was the best bang for your buck: buy the body and this separate lens known as the "Nifty 50" and teach yourself from there.

My husband introduced me to "The Wire" years ago and it took me a couple of attempts to get into it. The story can seem overwhelming and there are a LOT of players involved, but it's hands-down one of the greatest shows I've ever watched. We've been rewatching it and it's just as emotional and infuriating as I remember.

Our brand designer Abigail had our friends at Freshwater make me a custom keychain with my new logo and sage green velvet and I DIED. Just seeing it laying on my desk is a photo-op waiting to happen. They have all kinds of beautiful in-house designs and can also work with you to create something custom. They also have wholesale options too!

This hand wash y'all... sheesh. Smells like Le Labo, foams like a dream, looks hella sleek on the counter. Win - win - win.

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